Wednesday, 2 April 2014

victorious battle.

do you find yourself unable to find the perfect outfit to fit your mood of the day or the activity??
extremely frustrating. 
rejected items on 
the floor 
freaking you out. 

you scream? no. 

you are somehow organized in your disorganized way and have an 'emergency outfit' (perhaps learned something from reading blogs?).  yes, a set of clothes always available when in dire need for work, fun & party. good stuff.

enjoy her battle :)

Monday, 31 March 2014

white out.

Strange how I observe running shoes when I obviously am not a fan of them…? Key word being "observe" cause i like to look, see, visually analyze. I admire all kind of clothing stuff & accessories, but some are just not part of my wardrobe. Like sneaks. This is my 2nd blog on them, the 1rst "Runners up!" posted in April 2013 where I admired how others incorporate them into their dress styles & on such varied levels. Here I am caught up with all that is white. An unadorned version, an uncomplicated, unpretentious form of the shoe. And I love the starkness of the black/white concept that everyone has managed to put together. 

So easygoing. They are quite versatile. I should try it.

and i like the version of the white sole:

pics: Tommy Ton,

clean slate.

There are times when we need to create a clean slate. I prefer this phrase over 'edit' in this context. The idea of really releasing, redrafting, or redirecting. Yes, change. But I am attracted to the idea of making changes that just puts out an entirely new spin. When I saw this picture I thought of more breathing space, like a big sweeping swipe of a brush on a chalkboard. Gone. Sometimes we clutter ourselves on so many levels & we simply can't move forward or let ideas grow beyond the budding  point. I catch myself in state often, especially after a long winter. So a conscious metal kick to my sleeping state/brain is very necessary. 
These type of changes can be very easy or more complex, depending on how much a change you need. At times this can simply mean a new haircut (though, I must admit, not so simple at times) yet very accessible. Changing jobs, moving apartments or moving to another country especially when climates are dramatically different may be the options that will enable you to release the old & help you take on new roles in life. I like going to places where I am unknown. No attachments means there are less limitations. A form of escape if you prefer.

So take a chance at times. Maybe start small. Do you really need to keep all those old tees because once upon a time they meant something to you? Not really. Toss them all out & start fresh with a new selection that will enable you to become another you. I know it's just a tee, but you would be surprised how big a deal a tee can be :)

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Sunday, 18 August 2013

to inspire.

Sometimes we are seeking it, sometimes it finds us. Inspiration is everywhere today. Just open your eyes and let yourself see. 

And simultaneously, I feel that there is also less of an exclusivity factor today as well. I like that aspect. You don't need to have money to have the stuff you want (well, of course there are always personal limitations....) and you have access to vast information. Stuff is more available. Good design is abundant, so much creativity. The net is certainly a big factor, giving us all all kind of possibilities in seeing, doing, sharing and getting. But, I would like to add, I still have a need to buy paper form of inspiration, magazines have that tactile factor which completes a search & I can not resist.

I was browsing earlier and came across this picture. It comes from a blog: .
I love the clean freshness of it. As I looked further I saw that it was 'pinned' on my fav blogger's page, . I could have kept on scrolling for-Ever. So many beautiful images. I loved the bedroom images simultaneously displayed along with the clothing images. One kind of goes/compliments the other. Although my personal home doesn't reflect a minimalist lifestyle (I think it would drive my husband crazy) I do try to edit my space so that it's the least cluttered, and lets face it, I love pattern and colour and so always give into my true nature, though do give into experimentation to renew myself. Which is my comfort zone. I admire the more streamlined looks, but live to reflect my true quirky self. A good formula.

Visual inspiration is ever present.

And so what is your life-style? What triggers your creativity? How do you define it in your home and within your clothes/dress style? Are you yourself when you look at the mirror? Sometimes we have multiple clothing personalities, especially when it comes to our work clothes vs our weekend attire. Often we must conform (well to a certain degree, ahem...). When everyone wears suits at the office, it's kind of hard to pull off those heavenly Diesel jeans you just feel fabulous in. You adapt but there is always room for your personality to make it's presence in subtle ways. Find it. Own it.

Here are some bedrooms pics on a minimalist concept and clothing shots from Emma's Blogg that I took away on a little high, with me after browsing. I love the way they inspired my brain's activity and have influenced my vision & my mind state when I stand before my closet. As much as they reflect how I dress & my likes, they are still unlike me. I am simply allowing inspiration do it's job.

Lately it has been barking....arfff.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

try it this way...

I was browsing through Holt Renfew yesterday, checking out what was hot on the market when I came across a fab display. It was a Pop-Up Shop from K-Way. But all new, fresh, crisp and exciting! Besides their fabulous range of vibrant colours for the classic K-Way nylon jacket itself, they have also brought in some very smart accessories, namely nylon bags and totes. Oh man, they are so very nice and tempting, great for travel of all kinds and shopping, of course. Just need to pick a colour...

want it...

Friday, 19 April 2013

the sum of it all.

Move or jump suddenly upward or forward.
The season after winter and before summer.
verb.  leap - skip - bound - hop
noun.  source - fountain - fount - well - leap - springtime

Crate and Barrel summed it up very well on their web page, start with a 'Clean Slate' as we inch forward into spring. And while it is still fairly grey out there, get your cleaning done and get organized before the sunny days whisk you outside to be lost in the vast green space, without a thing to wear....

1. get cleaning products
2. wash & fold away winter stuff
3. bring out summer stuff
4. throw out old stuff
5. acquire new stuff!

See all items to get you started:

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Room for a view.

Scary, no??
Hopefully it doesn't reflect your bedroom!! If it does, Please keep reading...
A room to be desired can be the room that will make getting dressed a joy. Beside the obvious uses to the bedroom, sleep and intimate happenings, consider it the relaxing inspirational room for easing yourself into your clothes and defining yourself. If you have a bedroom which you love to spend time in, it is obviously going to add to the pleasures of getting to your clothes, going through your closet and drawers. A beautiful room with good soft or bright lighting, great furniture and accessories and painted in a shade which together entices the need for lazy lounging, will be a great asset in your life. Truly. 

I was browsing through one of my favourite blogs, been a fan for years, Emma's Design Blog (, and decided to look through her images logged under her 'Design Hotels' section. Emma has a fantastic perception of and perspective on Scandinavian design, in particular the pure sublime beauty of black and white. Lots of incredibly awe-inspiring images. I am a fan.

Interior design is unbelievable today, design in general I would say, so much to choose from, endless resources on the net, heavenly inspirations for sure. Get yourself inspired to take a solid look at your own personal space. Does it create an inviting place to spend some surplus time indulging within your wardrobe? If not, make a few changes. it could be how you have arranged the room. Remember it costs nothing to move furniture around and you might be surprised how the layout affects you (might even improve your sleep!). Or paint it, again an inexpensive option to update your room. Neutral shades are a good choice because they are flattering on your skin and let you see the colour and patterns of your clothes more objectively, which will lead to a better coordinated look.

Of course hotels have it down to an art form when it comes to designing a bedroom for utter relaxation. Check some of my fav picks from Emma's Blog:

I love them all, hard to choose between the pale vs the darker shades, but I must say below is vonderful!

To see more images of the 'scary bedroom' photo at top:

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Runners up!

Runners, trainers, tennies, sneakers, sneaks, call them what you will, they are as staple in everybody's wardrobe as much as a pair of black shoes. But how do you wear them? And how many do you actually own? They have so many possibilities, take them to the gym or pair them with a suit to go the office. I do so admire those who manage to bring excitement into their look when they pull it off with non-gym clothing. From plain black Nikes to pop color sneaks that add a punch to your look. 
Unfortunately it's not a look I have mastered myself, but it definitely is a fabulous option for all to try if you are keen. I would definitely invest in a good pair if you want to wear them to the office or heading to an event (leave the smelly gym ones at home!), it will make all the difference.

Age is not relevant.

Khaki sensation.

I've talked about them before, the next best thing after denim: khakis.

They are all age appropriate (seriously, from babies to a mature gentleman), they kind of fade in & out of fashion, but always remain on the sidelines for men, always coming back to surprise us with their simple practicality. And they could look cool, as 'The Sartorialist' captures so well in these photos. Love them!
I guess I will have to get my husband a navy shirt...

 Need more convincing reasons to wear them? See the Hudson Bay's link: