Saturday, 23 August 2014


I am loving the trend of sport elements, details and accessories which are making their way on the market. It is a refined interpretation, elevating it's appeal by combining it within the dressed up look. It works both for men & women. I find it an interesting way of keeping comfort within a sharper dressing attitude. It is kind of the way denim elevated it's appeal, acceptable for all occasions. 

Keep it clean. Raid your closet & find your version.

Zara does it well & at an interesting price point. Love their publicity shots.
(...ok, I admit that I am a Zara habitue'.)

For those of you with more specific tastes:

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

un-papered wall.

And to follow up with my 'Papered Wall' blog, I thought I would add yet again some new options. Even more creative. It's not the same as murals, it's more the hand stencilled version. Something I would like to try myself eventually.
Need to find the perfect wall space.

papered wall.

Think of it as recycling paper.

Here is an option for being creative in the bedroom…with paper. You have some great magazines, catalogues or prints of some sort lying around & you want to utilize them. If you are an artist, you could incorporate them in a collage, if not an artist, just let them pile on a coffee table for people's casual perusing. But there is another idea I have explored. Use it as wallpaper. 

For 2 years now, I have held onto a catalogue I picked up from the Montauk furniture store in Montreal ( The images were fantastic & I knew that I would do something with them eventually. Good thing I kept them pristine because they made it onto a wall in our present house. I wasn't sure how well the whole wallpapering process was going to work out because the paper was much more fragile than standard wallpaper. I kind of held my breath while applying them one by one, embracing the crinkled effect left behind. I realized that they were never going to lay flat, but this effect ultimately added to it's beauty. It's individuality. And I am all about trying to be different. & it was very cost efficient since the catalogue was free & I already had the glue for adhering it to the wall.

Loved the challenge. Love the fact that my husband let me explore the unknown on our feature wall! It was creatively liberating. So much so, I did a 2nd wall using a paper table runner I purchased recently in Montreal with the intentions of using it in our office space. New wall-paper, new experience.

I actually laid out all my pages with tape onto the wall to make sure the whole flow of images worked well together. Then laid the pattern on the table. I figured that I needed to work quickly and the glue might dry a little to fast if I couldn't decide which image to use next. And there really wasn't room for error. I had only a few extra images left over so I had to be precise. Yes, this was time consuming, but worth it. I definitely didn't want to botch up my project!

Half way there…

 Completed. & satisfied!!

The wall.

This is my paper runner wall project.

The truth: My 1rst strip was a disaster. It stuck so quickly & I had a hard time working the whole strip at same time since like the catalogue images, it was more fragile & once it got wet, it stuck all over the place. errrr… Good thing I had plenty of paper  to work with. Not recommended for people who have never done wall paper before or who are short in patience ! Though the dining room wall was great practice. Below is the crumbled strip.

Ahh the creases, got to embrace them!

Finished view. I love the rock & roll/renaissance vibe.

Friday, 8 August 2014

denim lust.

It is my relationship with denim, has been the case for-ever it seems, my love-lust for denim. It has many faucets to it and endless possibilities. I was one of those oddballs who wore denim with denim, was a faux pas with some individuals… That which captures my attention the most are washes, specifically when dark contrasts are achieved. The image below is one that I just came across, love the way it is paired with a simple white top (the new white tee top?) & black boots. A standard pairing for me & I never get bored of it either. Stick to what works, a good motto…

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

fur sure.

fake. for sure.

Came across these lovely images from Whistles website & found them so lovely. It is still far from winter but the cooler nights call for cocooning states to come…

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

pick a colour.

Sometimes I come across a series of images, website or a magazine (I do love decor mags, paper version of course) & they just make a formidable impression on me. And I want to add them into my life somehow. If it is a mag photo, I might rip it out & lay it out somewhere so that I see it every so often. If it is an internet image, I might down load it on my desk top. Or if the colours inspire me even more, I might try to find an article of clothing to replicate the fashion image or I might get some paint and change a wall colour. & if that's pushing it, then maybe a new throw pillow might do the trick to satiate my desire to have that colour within my space….or if…

Lately I have been obsessing over pink, especially more chalky, dusty type shades, feathery soft, nudish. I love. It's always a beautiful colour, just don't be afraid to use it. It is stunning next to a rich hue of bottle green.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

that's what they wore.

There is an abundance of styling for men & I am impressed when I see men find their own. I came across a series of pics which captured the new man and his dressing habits. I particularly like it when there is no holding back and creativity shines through.

Below are my fav shots. Check out the link and see if you find an inspiration for your dress code.

street urchin.

bayou flair.

dandy culture.

hipster re-generated.

light fantastic.

Renew. Recycle. Revive.

Key words for today. All about recycling and not necessarily tossing out something too quickly because something shinier caught your eye. Of course recycling clothes is great and donating clothes you no longer want is a fantastic idea (also gives you space for newness!). There are so many people who don't have the cash to buy new and appreciate getting a break and having access to decent used clothes at affordable prices.

And then there is the idea of recycling house stuff. We recently moved into a new house which we demolished completely on the inside (below is stage one of the demolishing). But did hold on to some items which held some promise for future use. Our home came with 2 old chandeliers, not that I was particularly in love with the design but thought maybe a spray paint job might give interesting results. 

Off they went to the basement where they naturally collected dust. I finally took them out when all the dust was gone and proceeded with my new project. Our walk-in closet needed a light fixture & I thought a chandelier would give it a glam vibe. So I bought a can of mat spray paint (for metal), set myself outside & made the tranformation. Love the results!

I was caught unknowingly on camera by my husband while I was working on my project.

Hard to believe it is the same chandelier.

A revitalized fixture gives a fantastic feel to the walk in closet.

Friday, 13 June 2014

basically, a basic.

the humble white tee.

Talk about an essential to have & to behold & to replenish regularly in your wardrobe. It will take you to work, out for dinner, vacation of course, on a bike ride and could even manage a wedding. Truly a hero as far as clothing goes. Of course other colours are great to have, such as heather grey and black, but white is like an icon. A celebrity so to speak.

Ok, so your love for tees is just so immensely big that you want to create your own line of tees?? Great! Here is a link from 'Shopify' an online service that helps you with setting up a small online business of your own (which can become big!). They have some great tips on the ' how to-s'. If you are entrepreneurial, take a look.


ok, there are options for the crew, henleys are so heavenly on men :)

& black is 2nd best.
Versions for women are even more plentiful. Check out the link below to view an excellent selection of what a white tee can do for you!

It also becomes a chalk board for your thoughts.